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Tune Up & Emission Controls | Integrity Auto Repair Savannah GA“How much for a tune-up?”

That is a question we are asked at the front counter here very frequently. Before the customer has even told us what kind of car they drive we get that question. I am not sure what they or you have as a connotation for what defines a “tune-up”. Often times if the car is running poorly, it is assumed that some magical tune up will cure all ailments and whatever is involved will be the same price for every car and truck on the road. I hate to break it to you, but that cannot be any further from the truth!

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With the introduction of OBDII (On Board Diagnostic) in most all makes and models by 1995 most issues with the way your car runs can be diagnosed via the on board computer. There are quite a few sensors on the car that when functioning properly can assist the technician on diagnosing the problem. Many of those sensors can fail and cause issues with the way the engine runs and have nothing to do with spark plugs or any other tune-up related concern.

OBDII has certain government mandates that require the car to trigger a check engine light if the vehicle has an issue which can cause it to produce poor emissions. Which almost any time the engine is running poorly it will pull the check engine light because it is indeed producing poor emissions. Often times people drive around for a long time with the light on because it is running fine or someone told them not to worry about it.

You should worry about it whenever that light comes on because 1) it could be making your car get worse gas mileage, 2) it is for sure not functioning properly, and 3) another issue that is more serious could arise and you would never know because the light is already on.

All that said, there are maintenance things that need to be done to tune your vehicle up from time to time. Spark plugs do need to be changed, there are fuel and air filters that should be maintained and various other services that should be taken care of at certain intervals. All these things can be researched in your owners manual or be checked by a A.S.E. certified technician like the ones found here at Integrity Auto Repair.

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Tomasz Warchol October 6, 2017