Manufacturer’s Recommended Auto Maintenance in Savannah GA

I was watching a few of those mechanic rip-off snippets from local newscasts on YouTube the other day. Many of the big name oil change places were pressuring customers into getting their engines flushed with these abrasive chemicals to clean them out. This cleaning ended up ruining many driver’s engines. The managers of these establishments were selling the flushes under the guise of “manufacture recommended maintenance.”

Shame on them for lying for sure, but…. as drivers we must educate ourselves at least a bit on our vehicles. Every car or truck comes with an owners manual. I know many of us do not read any owners manuals to any products we buy, such as DVD players or blenders because we just don’t care and if the product fails we are only out a hundred bucks and we go buy a new one. Our cars are a bit different than that. We spend $20,000-$30,000 on them and we should want to take care of them because they are much harder to replace.

Integrity Auto Repair Savannah GA

For the vast majority, owners manuals for cars are written very well and with the layman in mind. They tell you about all the buttons in your car and how all the systems work. They even have a table of contents in the front so that you can skip right to the part you want to know about. Every car comes with one brand new and if you bought yours used and the manual is missing they are easily obtained through the dealer or online.

There is one section in your owners manual that, if you want to keep your ride in shape and not get ripped off, you should get familiar with. That is the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance section. Every car is different and the engineers who designed them know how they should be maintained far better than a quick lube mechanic! Did you know that a lot of cars now a days can go 5,000 miles between oil changes? Or that your gas mileage is greatly affected by your tire pressure? Its all in there.

There are many flushes and services that need to be done to your car that most people do not do. Often times a transmission flush is recommended and never done which can lead to expensive repairs down the road. And your tires should be rotated often to increase their life expectancy. Let’s say it together this time: “It’s all in the manual!”

I highly recommend you crack open your glove box and take a few minutes on your lunch break or in between commercials on TV to get to know your car a little better. At Integrity Auto Repair, we can help you get back on track with your manufacture’s recommended maintenance and get your car running like it did when it was new.

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Tomasz Warchol October 6, 2017